DataBase refreshing is ugly..

I'm designing a DB application.
But whenever I'm moving between pages(At run-time), I see an ugly refresh of the next page table (which is connected to the DB).

I'm asking which way is the best way in those cases, when you are moveing to a different form, which Selects from a table at startup.
First selecting and then showing ?, maybe the other way ?
I tries some ways but it stayed ugly..
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Hi ,VBFan
   if you are talking about shoing some grids on different forms, before selecting make the grid invisible
Then fill the grid.
  After that Grid1.Visible=True

  When you have some calculations on visible objects their much slower than in the case when you make the object invisible on the form, then do the calculations and then show the object (make it visible).

   Try this it really works well.

           Pavel Tsekov
       email :


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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
You might also consider setting the .redraw property of the grid to false whilst it is being populated and then back to true again. Though if it is invisible this may not have much benefit, if you subsequently recalculate the grid whilst it is displayed it makes for a more rapid and cleaner update.
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