Storage classes


What are storge classes in C++ and where are they used. I also wanted to know the difference between Static and dynamic polymorphism.

It will be great if i can get an answer to these questions.


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shayadAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.


Specifies that the named object has automatic storage duration, ie the compiler allocates memory when an automatic is declared, and deallocates when the program execution exits the scope in which the automatic was declared.
This is the default for local objects (declared in a {} block) and function parameters.


Same as auto, but hints the compiler to store the object in a CPU register.


Specifies that the named object exists for the entire duratio nof the programm. Non local objects are static by default.


Specifies that the named object is defined in another translation unit (file, module)


Specifies that the named class member can be mutated even if the object to which it belongs is declared const.


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