How to embed your activex DLL to asp page?

hi expert,
i made one activex Dll component now i want to embed it to asp page. so what are the steps i have to follow. please mention as soon as possible
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subburajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Kamaldalal,
       First you have register that ActiveX DLL in the web Server as regsvr32 DLLname.dll. Then in the ASP, you have create instance for that COM object like

if you have Interdev then it is easy first of all you register this dll and then go to interdev here is toolbox .In toolbox there is few tabs one is activex control you simply right on te toolbox and browse your activex file and then press ok now your activex control is show on toolbox you can easily select it and drag on the page
hope this will help you
if you need further help then
kamaldalalAuthor Commented:
i asked about activex dll. embeding to web page. actually, you not get my question properly. once you create your control on local pc either activex dll or activex ocx. you have to make .dll or .ocx which register your control on local pc. so when you upload this control then "how can you register your control on server's register?"
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kamaldalalAuthor Commented:
hello expert,
 thanks for reply, but sir, how can i register my component on server. Is there any Webserver allow to register the component? i think server would not be allow your component register in their registry because if they allow then following situations may occure:
1. If someone create dll which format the server's harddisk then who will be the responsible?
2. If  someone already register the component with same name as i developed then is it overwrite or not?

please reply as soon as possible. i am awaiting for your reply.

Hi kamal(Can I call like this?)
 ok. You are working for a team, then there is no confiliction in the DLL Name. Second think While registering the DLL with regsvr32, it will write only in the registry. for Further clarification mail me at

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