modems and dial tones

A friend's phone line was recently hit by lightning.  The phone company repaired it but it/the modem are now doing funny things.
Modem has been tested by local computer company and is ok.
Phone line is ok, same line as telephone which works fine.
Computer still locates the modem and seems to be ok.
when the user plugs the phone line into the modem (when the modem is connected to the computer) it instantly becomes an engaged line, ie the modem cant dial out because the line is engaged.

I need to determine where this problem is.. is it the computer software, the serial port etc?  All suggestions welcomed.
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> when the user plugs the phone line into the modem (when the modem is connected to the computer) it instantly becomes an engaged line, i.e. the modem can't dial out because the line is engaged.

Definitely a hardware-problem with the modem.
Unplug it, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in, and you'll get a dial-tone, and your modem will be able to "hear" that dial-tone, and dial-out just *ONCE*.

Take the modem back to the store from where you bought it, and they will return it to the modem-manufacturer for repair/replacement.
sybilleAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Try removing the modem from Device Manager and let Windows rediscover it. Sounds like the drivers are crazy if the phone checks out and the modem checks out, it is the computer and the drivers would be the first thing to check.
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When the modem is connected to the phone line, do the other phones work? Can you dial out on a telephone with the line plugged into the modem? How about with the pc powered off and line plugged in? It sure sounds like a modem problem. Lightning does some very wied stuff sometimes.When they tested it did they actually make a call?
Here's another thought. What else is plugged into your phone lines? Maybe another piece of phone equipment is causing the problem. Try it with all other phone devices (answer machines, cordless phones, regular phones, etc ) unplugged.
sybilleAuthor Commented:
I will ask him and respond with his answers.
When a lightning falls on a telco line, the modem attached to it will suffer the most incredible ilnesses.

The most common: modem tries to pick up the line, but receives no dial tone. Yours is a very common problem too. I think your modem was fried, although all tests indicate it's OK.
If the modem works without a phone plugged in, and doesn't with a phone, your problem is hardware related. (Read: part of modem may be fried.)

The phone connection is a pass-thru from the phone line to the phone. The modem is supposed to interrupt the line when it needs to. This has nothing to do with drivers.

Try another modem. If it works, you have your answer.

"Modem has been tested by local computer company and is ok"
Guess I am the only one that trusted the tech's at the local shop...LOL...
sybilleAuthor Commented:
My friend got our local telecommunications company to double check the line and they narrowed it down to the modem too.

Thank you all for your input, Mrbreeze, like yourself I trusted the local it shop too... wont do that again!!!
sybilleAuthor Commented:
As you were the first to diagnose the modem as the problem..

Cant return the modem but can claim it on insurance.

thank you all for your comments
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