Delete using pointers

Hi I'm running Code Warrior,

I've got a linked list set up using pointers. Can anyone give me the code for deleting an item from the list? I found an algorithm in a book but I'm all confused about the variables etc. Please include the variable decleration and try using normal variable names so I know what youre talking about.
Thanks a bunch!
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My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
The principle thing to do is...

this is the link (Double link)...

  Item1 <-> Item2 <-> Item3 <-> ItemN

the way to delete an item, let say Item2, will be, to assign the pointer value of the previuos pointer of Item2 to Item3, and the Next pointer value, to Item1, and do a FreeMem(Item2, SizeOf(Item2)) or Dispose(Item2) depending on what procedure you used to create the link...

Let see you have this...

  PointerToList = ^List;
  List = Record
    Value: Integer;
    PrevItem: PointerToList;
    NextItem: PointerToList;
  Start,Previous,Current,Finish: PointerToList;

Procedure DeleteItem(WhatToDelete: PointerToList);
  PrevT,NextT: PointerToList;
  Dispose(WhatToDelete); (*Or FreeMem(WhatToDelete,SizeOf(WhatToDelete))*)

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yaelieAuthor Commented:
great, and thanx for the quick response. I cannot try this from the computer I'm using right now, I'll try it first thing tomorrow morning and get back to you k?

thank you!!!
yaelieAuthor Commented:

I tried doing what you gave me but its not really working. Its basicly choking on the PrevT and the NextT giving me type mismatches.

any idea what i can do?


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yaelieAuthor Commented:
Also, i forgot to state that I'm dealing with records not single items (ie i'm setting up records with several items in them and want to delete an entire record)
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
Place the code of the "Type Structure" you're using for the link...
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:

>>Also, i forgot to state that I'm dealing with records not single items...

Is the same, girl [you are a girl, right???] in fact when creating a link you create it like a sequence of the structure you have [Records] and assign some memory using a pointer, and you delete them by dealocating that memory that the pointer is "pointing" [sorry]...
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yaelieAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay..
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