UnsatisfiedLinkError in loadLibrary

hello ,

well i'm wokring on a PDA with windows CE ( MIPS processor ) .

i have written a WIN CE dll (using WIN CE toolkit for VC++ 6.0 ..sdk 2.1.1 )

now i'm trying to load that dll from java using System.loadLibrary()

i have tried converting this WIN CE dll to win32 dll and executing my java appliation from PC desktop its working fine .

what's wrong ??
i need help .

regards ,
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feloniusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The usual problem with UnsatifiedlinkErrors is that the following has occured:

The .dll file cannot be found. Remember how the system searches for dlls. One thing that you might try just be make sure is to put the dll into the c:\windows\system directory and try again.
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