List Box Problems

I am a bit of a begginer with this launguage so this question may sound really dumb.

I am loading a list box with data from the AS/400 which i am doing fine.  I have a menu option that i am creating to allow a user to change the way the data is viewed.  Bsically i am displaying Priority, Serial num etc  n the first view and in the second i want to display the view in Serial num, priority.  So when the 2nd view option is clicked i clear the list box, acess the data on the As/400 and add each record to the list box but this time adding serial number first + proprity etc.. all i get is a list load of "Falses".  When i debug the information i am adding to the list box seems fine, but when i do a quick watch for each record added, all that is displayed is a false.

I am no doubt doing somthing really dumb, so someone please HELP!!

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tureConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The problem is that you have included an '=' in this line of code:

  LstPMWPC10.AddItem OrigRef + Space$(3) + Serial = Space$(3) + _
  Status + Space$(3) + SubStatus + Space$(3) + Description

Change it to:

  LstPMWPC10.AddItem OrigRef + Space$(3) + Serial + Space$(3) + _
  Status + Space$(3) + SubStatus + Space$(3) + Description

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden
CRICEAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Pls post a code snippet...
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CRICEAuthor Commented:
Here's the code i am using when i click for the 2nd view!

Private Sub MnuViewOrgRef_Click()

    'Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass   'Set mouse icon graphic
    LstPMWPC10.Clear           'Clear list bix
    Call Load_Listbox("Org")

Function Load_Listbox(ByVal ViewLst As String) 'Load list box from As/400 file PMPCHDRP

    sMessage = " "
    sRequest = sMessage

    'Test for the router and get a conv. id...
    'The AS/400 program name is passed as an argument...
    Call APPCInitialize("PMWPC10CTL.PROJECT2")
    'Send and receive data....
    Call SendReceive(sRequest, sResponse)
    sData = Left$(sResponse, 1000)      '   Add retrieved record
    sMessage = Right$(sResponse, 24)    '   strip out message

    'Display department descripiton
    TxtDeptID.Text = Mid$(sData, 1, 30)
   'extract record while message back from 400 is okay..
    Do While Trim$(sMessage) = "0" Or _
            Trim$(sMessage) = "1"
         'If no more records being transfered then leave loop
         If Trim$(sMessage) = "1" Then
            Exit Do
         End If
         'Format received data for display on list box
         PriorityInt = Mid$(sData, 31, 5)   'Isolate priority
         PriorityStr = PriorityInt          'Convert priority value to a string
         RSet PriorityR = PriorityStr       'Right set the string value
         Status = Mid$(sData, 36, 1)
         SubStatus = Mid$(sData, 37, 3)     'Isolate sub status
         Serial = Mid$(sData, 40, 8)        'Isolate serial refernece number
         Description = Mid$(sData, 48, 50)  'Isolate description
         OrigRef = Mid$(sData, 97, 10)      'isolate originators reference
         'Add item to list box which is keyed by priority
         If ViewLst = "Pty" Then
         LstPMWPC10.AddItem PriorityR + Space$(3) + Status + Space$(3) + SubStatus + _
         Space$(3) + Serial + Space$(3) + Description + Space$(3) + OrigRef
         End If
         If ViewLst = "Org" Then
         LstPMWPC10.AddItem OrigRef + Space$(3) + Serial = Space$(3) + _
                            Status + Space$(3) + SubStatus + Space$(3) + Description
         End If
         Call SendReceive(sRequest, sResponse)  'go again
         sData = Left$(sResponse, 1000)
         sMessage = Right$(sResponse, 24)   'strip out message
End Function
CRICEAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200

Although this is not necessary, I recommend that you use '&' to concatenate strings, instead of '+', which should be used for mathematical addistions.

The line of code would look like this:

  LstPMWPC10.AddItem OrigRef & Space$(3) & Serial & Space$(3) & _
  Status & Space$(3) & SubStatus & Space$(3) & Description

CRICEAuthor Commented:
Ain't i the prize plonker!
Thanks, CRICE!

....and what is a prize plonker???

CRICEAuthor Commented:
Pize plonker = Idiot - which i am for not spotting such a stupid mistake.  Thanks for your advice on the & instead of + i shall use this as of now.
You may want to go through your source and check for rogue '=' signs matey!!!
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