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Creation of user account in NT Server

I want to create an username account and password in an NT Server using C programming. I want to use this as my default username and password to do FTP process from a client machine(NT Server/Workstation).
How do I proceed?
1 Solution
You'll have to use the LAN Manager API 'NetUserAdd()' (UNICODE!):

#include <tchar.h>
#include <lmcons.h>
#include <lmerr.h>
#include <lmaccess.h>
#include <lmapibuf.h>

#pragma comment ( lib, "netapi32.lib")

NET_API_STATUS  AddNewUser  (   LPWSTR  pwstrName,  
                                LPWSTR  pwstrPwd,
                                LPWSTR  pwstrComment
    NET_API_STATUS              rc;
    USER_INFO_1                 ui1;
    DWORD                       dwParmErr;

    wchar_t                     awcDomUsrName       [   LM20_DNLEN  +   LM20_UNLEN  +   1];
    wchar_t                     awcWkSta            [   MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH + 2];
    DWORD                       dwBufSiz            =   MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH + 1;

    ZeroMemory  (   &ui1,   sizeof (    USER_INFO_1));

    ui1.usri1_name          =   pwstrName;
    ui1.usri1_password      =   pwstrPwd;
    ui1.usri1_password_age  =   0;
    ui1.usri1_priv          =   USER_PRIV_USER;
    ui1.usri1_flags         =   UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWD | UF_NORMAL_ACCOUNT | UF_SCRIPT;
    ui1.usri1_home_dir      =   L"";
    ui1.usri1_comment       =   pwstrComment;
    ui1.usri1_script_path   =   L"";

    rc  =   NetUserAdd  (   NULL,   1,  ( LPBYTE) &ui1, &dwParmErr);

    if  (   NERR_Success    !=  rc)
            wprintf     (   L"Unable to 'NetUserAdd()', code == %d, parm err == %d\n",

            return  (   rc);

    return  (   0);


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