Exit from applications quite slow

It takes me a split second to enter Excel, Access, Word etc, yet it takes me between 3 seconds to exit (if one application open) or 6+ seconds if more than one application is open.

I have a Pentium 2-400 with 128ram and 6gig empty on hard drive. I have cleaned out temp files, recycle bin, defragged, cleared most tasks running in background using msconfig. Any other suggestions? All else is OK.
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See if you have MS Fastfind loaded (office loads it by default) and turn it off. It is probably listed in your Startup folder. (start/settings/taskbar/startup programs/remove/Startup. Take it out and see if things speed up.
garystilAuthor Commented:
I removed it before along with a few other taskbar options. Unfortunately it made no difference at all.
have you installed SP1, 2?
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garystilAuthor Commented:
I don't know what SP1,2 is, (or are) but I would say no.

sorry, these are service packs that microsoft has issued thru the life ot the programs.

you can download them from Microsoft:

www.microsoft.com, go to downloads, choose your options.

I assume you have something running in your background. For example the Antivirus program, don't let the antivirus program to run by itself, or evern start by itself, cause it will slow down the system seriously, just disable the Auto startup option in your Antivirus program.

If you don't have any Antivirus Program, when your machine had got into windows, I mean wait till it had started everything(i.e. Mouse cursor is no longer a Hour glass). Press "Alt+Ctrl+Del" to see what have ran or started up. If it is as you said you have deleted the shortcuts from your "startup" folder, you should only see the word "Explorer" and "systray" in the little window. Otherwise, there are something keep tracking your system or running in the background. Try to remove it if possible. Your machine will be better than before.
garystilAuthor Commented:
Clo1, only systray and explorer appeared after doing "alt control del" immediately after entering windows on reboot. After using the computer a while however, I did "alt control del" again and noticed "starter" plus "Rnaapp" appeared.

I closed down the latter two but no difference to performance. I'm also not aware of any anti virus program running in my system.

I noticed in "startup" that "Load power profile" appears twice and is ticked twice - is that normal?  

Bill, I entered the microsoft and zdnet sites but didn't really know what I was looking for. Is there some diagnostic tool I can use to check if hardware or software problem?

Gary, I may have sent you on a proverbial snipe hunt, the microsoft download area lists the SP2, but not SP1.

You can call ms, and order the Service pack Cd's, or check your local PC stores, quite a few should subscribe to TechNet (a microsoft service), and they should have the service packs on CD.

I am unaware of any tool to use to trace the problem, I know that office had some issues with slow shutdown, and the service packs seemed to fix it.

If you have MS Outlook installed (running or not), check this microsoft article:


Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
There may be impact as well on the exit function which varies based on your settings/preferences/setup.  For example, if you're running Office2000 applications/versions of these products you've got many clipboards which could be open with data; or perhaps autosave options not yet executed, etc.  

Listening for more in regards to your versions ...

Findfast/Quickfinder and the like as mentioned can also cause the delay due to the update process required.

Perhaps also, you're running Windows 98, and have Fast Shutdown disabled in Windows 98 using MSCONFIG and ADVANCED option.


garystilAuthor Commented:
Its fixed! Exit is now instantaneous.

I previously had Outlook 5 installed and couldn't access the "journal" tab under "options" as it didn't exist. The journal tab exists in Outlook '98 however which I have just installed, I have accessed "options", then "journal" and unchecked the boxes linked to "office" applications as suggested in the MS help literature.

I thank you Bill (thegreatoldgreyguy)and all others who have contributed.
200 points for Bill.


You are welcome, Ain't computers grand, and to think that the manufacturers of the software expect us to accept this bs.


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garystilAuthor Commented:
Thanks again Bill. it's hard to believe that an email service would impact on applications like Excel, Word and Accesss. Thanks for persisting.

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