Sharing HP570 on home LAN?

This SHOULD be possible, I think.  Computer #1 has the HP Officejet 570 connected locally.  All three computers are part of a home LAN via a 5-port hub.  Nothing fancy -- all 3 are running Windows 98 and the LAN works fine.  File and print sharing is enabled on computer #1.

Computers #2 and #3 can print to the 570, but they cannot set any characteristics (ie, "Econoprint" or "Best Quality"), and cannot SCAN from this printer.

My son found a FAQ on the HP web pages that say one should install the "Microsoft-written HP550C driver", but installing that driver on computer #1 (where the printer is locally connected) does not allow me to print to that printer from ANY computer, getting an error message about "invalid input stream to printer" or something like that.

Regardless of whether the HP550C kludge is the best way to do this or not, is it possible to allow all three computers to access the full capabilities of this printer?  If the HP550C kludge is the right way to accomplish it, how do you make that work?
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You cannot scan across the network - the drivers are not network aware.

What OS are you running?

If you are running NT and have used Point and Print instead of installing the drivers locally you will not be able to change many of the settings.
jarnoldAuthor Commented:
Ok, I can live without using the scanning function of the printer on the non-local computers in my home LAN, but would like to be able to access the basic printer functions from the non-local nodes; ie, changing the print quality from "Econofast" to "Best".

As stated originally, all three computers are running Win98.
The driver #2 and #3 computer use is the one that is installed on their own hard drive.  File and printer sharing only relays the formatted data stream to the printer via #1 PC.

Could you get access to the economy and best functions with the original drivers from #1 PC?

Did you have the same drivers installed in #2 and #3 PCs?
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Try this:

Install the printer in all 3 computers as if the printer was on lpt1.
This will install the printer drivers in all your machines.
Then delete the printer in the computers that don't have it connected locally. And later add the network printer.

Hope this will help you :)
jarnoldAuthor Commented:
I installed the HP570 printer software on all 3 machines.  Machine #1 (where the printer is conected locally) can access all printer functions including Econo vs Best quality.  Machines 2 and 3 can print to the printer, but only at the DEFAULT print quality setting, as defined on machine #1.  They cannot access the SETUP tab to change from Best to Normal to Econo.
This is possible, I did it last night.
First I had to enable sharing on my printer on computer one(I set the properties to full).  Then on computer 2 I had to map the hard drive on computer one.  Then on computer two I used the add new printer and picked network printer. Then browse to the mapped drive for the files to copy over.  Note when I did this it could not find about 5 files, what I did was on computer one I went start/find/files or folders and typed in the name of the file computer 2 was looking for.  Then on computer two browse to that location.  After doing this a couple of times it was done.  On computer two try to print something and go File/Print/ on this click setup. This should work it did for me.  Note I have a HP 720C series printer.

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You may not be able to get the advanced features you are looking for due to the way the drivers are written to only work with direct ECP ports.
You can try one of the many hardware printer sharing solutions.  These cost about $100 and you will also need to do some cabling work (sort of defies the purpose of a LAN).  You can search for "Printer sharing" on any good search engine.  Select one that is approved by HP.  Ask the seller if the solution supports fax and scan.
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