How to configure firewall for X11

I have a system with a 192.168.. ip going through a
liunx firewall to a remote unix system. When I telnet
to this remote system, I would like to run X programs
but do not know how to configure the 'DISPLAY' settings.
How can I get my NAT'ed machine to receive X11?
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Listening.  (I have interest in this ? as well)
you can't. Unless you can forward the port (6000 + display number) directly to the station behind the NAT it wont work. The X11 protocol puts the source IP in the data-part of the packages, aswell as in the normal IP-headers.

Using SSH to tunnel should work for single port forwarding tho.

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shippy012000Author Commented:
so..... can you tell me what I would have
to do in ipchains to get this port to forward?

If gateway machine ls and
NAT machine is and is using
display 0.0, what would a chain look like?


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ipchains will not work. Ipchains cannot rewrite the packages properly. Ipchains only reqrites the adress part of the datagram, not the data part, which is needed.
shippy012000Author Commented:

I thought that I would be able to forward
any packet to to and it would work.

What do you recommend then to do this
Friend says that "ipmasqadm" would do the trick. Personally i stick to SSH tunnels :)
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