sizeof block pointed by pointer

i have a

  P : Pointer;


i want to know how big the memory block is, wich P points to.

like when i call
  GetMem(P, 10);
this will be 10 bytes.

but all i have is the pointer.

How do i find out the size of the memoryblock?
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hi topkapi,

i guess no chance by an untyped pointer, but maybe i'm wrong, therefore listening.

meikl ;-)
I don't know why you need this but you can use this stuff. Be carful, though, as this is based on the internal memory manager handling. If there is another memory manager set then this will surely differ. Also between version might be changes (this is information from D5):

  PUsed = ^TUsed;
  TUsed = packed record
    sizeFlags: Integer;

  cAlign        = 4;
  cThisUsedFlag = 2;
  cPrevFreeFlag = 1;
  cFillerFlag   = Integer($80000000);
  cFlags        = cThisUsedFlag or cPrevFreeFlag or cFillerFlag;
  cSmallSize    = 4*1024;
  cDecommitMin  = 15*1024;

function GetPointerSize(P: Pointer): Cardinal;

  Result := PUsed(PChar(P) - SizeOf(TUsed)).sizeFlags and not cFlags - SizeOf(TUsed);

Ciao, Mike
topkapiAuthor Commented:
im experimenting with GetMem and FreeMem, in combination with a wrapper around the delphi TMemoryManager...

nothing fancy, just to track memory usage in ann application.
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Well, if you set your own memory manager, why don't you allocate 4 bytes more than requested and write the length of the allocated block to these 4 bytes? (Of course you must give back then "pointer + 4" as the result of GetMem.) This way it should work with ALL current and future Delphi versions...

Regards, Madshi.

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topkapiAuthor Commented:
that is a very good idea. i'm going to try that out...
topkapiAuthor Commented:
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