JDBC performance is inefficient ????


Could anybody argues about the following statment

"JDBC performance is inefficient  "

If  you agree, say why
If you don't, tell me why please

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nawafAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
nawafAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.

According to Microsoft :-

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It depends on how you view inefficient.

My answer is it is efficeint.

Here are my views:

1. If your using JDBC-ODBC bridge, you have to realize that there will be an overhead in the processing time compared to a direct connection.
2. As we all know, Java is quite slow in terms of processing, but they have come up with HotSpot runtime optimizer to optimize the processing.
3. It depends on how you have coded it, if per transaction you use a new connection, of course there will be lots of overhead in performing the connection to the database. You can do the transaction with connection pooling to lessen the connection overhead.
4. In terms of maintenance, it will be efficient because it is maintainable, only few code or even none have to be modify to migrate to another database (if you have an initialization file for customization)

Hope this satisfy your question.

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this is supposed to be a discussion, no need to lock the question.

my answer is:
What is 'inefficient' ?

btw. JDBC is standard (for database interface) - not implementation.
some specific (JDBC driver) implementations may be good, some not.
nawafAuthor Commented:
inefficient in terms of

 Complex data type (images, sounds,etc..)

 speed when used with applets

 Coul it be better ? How ?

nawafAuthor Commented:

"JDBC is a very limited interface that is targeted primarily at transferring data from an SQL database to a Java client"

my answer (again)

JDBC is standard for database access - not implementation.

so we CAN'T talk about performance and speed at all.  
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