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I have five labels and one button. I need to detect when the button is clicked the first time and the first label shows 00:00 (but time is running, however) and when the button is clicked a second time, label two show HOW much time has passed since the first click. (ex: 02:00). Then when they click again, the third label shows how much time has passed since the second click.(ex: 00:15) 3rd label is when a third click is started, but adds from the value of the 2nd click. Once we get that total, we wait until we get a forth click. The fourth click is the difference from label 3. But at the same time label 5 takes the beginning total of time of the procedure.

Short desc:
First click:
Label1: 00:00
Second click:
Label2: 02:00
Third click:
Label3: 00:15
Forth click:
Label4: 03:00
Label5: 05:15

I'm found this much, but need help substracting, adding and totaling:

label1.caption := '00:00'
  Label2.caption := IntToStr(StartWatch2.whour)+':'+IntToStr(StartWatch2.wMinute)+':'+IntToStr(StartWatch2.wSecond);\\can't figure out how to substract time here...

An example would be helpful...(my expert level with delphi is slightly above beginner).
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rwilson032697Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do this:

  StartTime, EndTime : TDateTIme;

  StartTime := Now // First click
  EndTime := Now; // Second click

label2.caption := formatdatetime('hh:nn:ss', EndTime - StartTime);

Does this help?



JPersingerAuthor Commented:
Gees - you made it look easy...:) Thanks. works likes a champ.
Your welcome :-)
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