What is the difference between the 6350CSE and the 6350CXI???
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swestonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no physical difference between the two scanners.  The primary difference is in how they are marketed and what else is thrown into the box, most importantly the software. One is marketed by HP through the large chain stores and major marketers and is aimed at the home user.  The other is marketed through wholesale distributors and is sold by smaller computer resellers and is aimed at business users.  

considerations for purchase:
1) Software: This usually is unimportant, but one or the other unit may have a program that you may desire.
Remember: they will both print identically.
2) Support: You will get much better support from a small dealer than a super
3) Price: All else equal, consider price. As a small dealer, I encourage you to support local business. Don't forget the locals are not going to
charge you for shipping.
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