Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in vi6?

does anybody know how to make a custom
keyboard shortcut in vi6?  I'd like to be able to
open the data view window without clicking on the
toolbar menus.

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Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
What does this have to do with WWW Authoring?

But to answer your question, unless VI has a way to map special keys, your out of luck.  I know that in VB6.0 there is no mapping.
denamAuthor Commented:
mgfranz, there isn't a vi6 area and several experts in the
web authoring area use vi6 quite a bit.  I've requested
a visual interdev section, btw.

Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
No, but there is a VB section, and an ASP section.  I know for a fact that VI is used predominatly in these sections.

Why not delete this question and try there.
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Hi Dena!

I think Markey just wants to get the points in the ASP area. <G>


I have not found a way to assign a shortcut key to the DataView command, but, you can right click on the menu bar and choose Customize.  Under Commands, View, locate the DataView icon in the right pane of the dialog box.  Drag it to the Menu Bar, and you will have an icon on the menu bar which opens the Data Window.  You can put this on any existing (or new) toolbar or menu you would like.

Hope this helps,


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denamAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tom :)
That will do the trick.
Hope all is well with you and yours.


Better yet.

Tools, Options, Environment, Keyboard allows you to map commands to shortcut keys, either on a project specific or global (default) basis.

Let me know if you need more info.

Things are fine with me.  I'm off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks in another week.  First vacation in two years!!

Hope things are good with you and yours.

Happy Y2K!

Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
Tom... You know me better than that, I would never hog points... ;-)

Good tip too!

denamAuthor Commented:
I'm using both, you're a VI God.
Thanks again and have a great time in Hawaii.


I know, but I like a good tease now and then. (:-}


Will definitely try our best!

Looking forward to tomato season. <G>

BTW, have you ever seen these things called "grape tomatoes"?  We first found them up in Boston around Christmas time.  Since then, they have appeared here in NY.  About the size of a grape, but with the flavor of a good tomato.  Right now, they seem to be coming in from Mexico.  Wonder whether the plants are small enough to be unobtrusive in our garden?  (How's that for a WWW question?)

Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:

Out here in sunny So Cal we get the grape tomatoes all year round, if you can find the vine ripened ones, (still on the vine) they ar ethe sweetest.  Absolutely delicious in hearty salads.  Oh yeah, most of the ones we get are grown in central Calif., although some from Mexico, Arizona and even Texas will sneak there way in...


Boy talk about off topic... ;-)
denamAuthor Commented:
Is there a tomatoes area?  Well, anyway, I have never heard of
grape tomatoes, but now that i have, i'll combing the garden
catalogs in search of them.  At least I will if they ever let me
go home :)

Hey!  If the plants are small enough, maybe you can grow one on the windowsill of your office.  (Of course, you are probably like me, miles from the nearest window.)  I am now seeing them in the grocery stores, and they've been good.

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