GIF to BMP with Inet Transfer Control?

I'm using the Internet Transfer Control to download images from the internet.

When I'm browsing the web and right-click to download an image, I can choose to save it as .BMP.  Is there an easy way to convert the native JPG or GIF to BMP in visual basic? Either through the control or through another util?

Here's my code:
Private Function GetUpdate() As Integer
On Error GoTo Update_Error
    Dim bData() As Byte
    Inet1.AccessType = icUseDefault
    bData() = Inet1.OpenURL(strURL, icByteArray)
    Open BMP_PATH & strDatafile & ".bmp" For Binary Access Write As #1
        Put #1, , bData()
    Close #1
    GetUpdate = -1
    Exit Function
    GetUpdate = 0
    Exit Function
End Function

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You can load the JPG or GIF into a picture control with the LoadPicture statement and then save the picture with the SavePicture statement.

The picture will automatically be saved as a BMP...


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rgrovesAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly, thanks!!
Thanks for the points! Glad I could Help!

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