File size of jpegs

My friend is using Paperport to scan and export pics into .jpg format.
unfortunately the files are huge.
what is the best way to reduce the file size without greatly reducing the quality of the pic?

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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well theres lots of ways depending on what you want in the end (surprise surprise ey?).

You can shrink the physical dimensions of the image. Via software like Photoshop.

You can increase the JPEG compression rate via software like....duh..Photoshop. This will result in quality loss if you compress too much.

You can save it in a different format. JPG is usually the smallest but sometimes PNG works well. GIF would be good for business type graphics with solid colors but not photos

What you really need to find is software that will let you save with varying degrees of compression.
bantamsAuthor Commented:
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