Vector Fonts 1000 points

1.  I need a program:
    probably gnu libplot, I assume

2.  Need a useful font that will not require any shading.  Just lines, no shading.

3. Then I need vectors for all 62  characters (alphabet upper and lowercase + the 10 digits).  I just need the vectors

4.  Maybe I don't need a program at all, and somebody has these vectors somewhere in a text file?

READ: I do not need something that generates bitmaps, or whatever.  I just need coordinates of the vectors so I can generate these in whatever output I wish.  I prefer to do the vector manipulation.
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for the font go to, there you can get some "free web-fonts". I like trebuchet. these are complete vector fonts.

for the outlines: go to : with freetype you can extract the vectors from any Truetype font. does this help you?

 - Erwin
ceracAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry your answer is valid, but freetype is currently under investigation and my company won't allow me to use it, b/c it may become illegal in the future, and this program is not able to expire.

I have also attempted to use GNU VFlib, but the unified API they provide is not accurate enough for me to derive my own vectors.

I have also looked at T1lib, but was having problems getting it compiled.  I'm also not quite sure if this will do what I need.

I really doubt that I can get vectors from Microsoft fonts for each glyph.  If so, I'll try it out.  But I won't bother unless someone tells me otherwise.

The package I'm trying now is with GNU libplot package.  I think this can do it, but it is taking me all day to figure out just if its possible for me to get vectors from plotfont.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
nils pipenbrinckCommented:
tell me.. you need the geometric representation of a font in a "easy to read" text-file, and want to draw them yourself? is this true?

if so I can help you :)

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I'll give it another try:

freetype is and will always be completely legal, unless you need hinting. Hinting is needed for putting the vector representation on a raster (= display). If you just want  to extract the vectors from a font file, freetype is and will always be legal! I have to know: I am somewhat associated with freetype, you can find my name in the distribution (Erwin Dieterich).

VFlib is based on freetype and t1lib, so this won't really help you.

Don't use t1lib. It is nice, but freetype2 is able to read type1 files with much better results, IMHO.

You definitely can get all the vectors needed from the MicroSoft TTF files. Every TrueType font includes the vectorized representation of all glyphs involved, Microsoft's fonts being no exception. The only question for me is: in which kind of vectorial representation do you need the glyphs? TrueTypes and Type1s include the glyph outlines: is this sufficient?

If you'd like to discuss things further, answer here or mail me at (I read my email at home about twice a week, so don't be astonished if the answer takes two or three days.

 - Erwin


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ceracAuthor Commented:
I'm not rejecting your answer b/c I'm sure that I'll give you credit, but
could you please tell me a little bit more about the use of freetype so I
can just dive in and get these vectors without spending too much time.  I
have it compiled and installed on my SGI.  I also grabbed some ttf files off the microsoft website as you instructed.  Any helpful hints would be
greatly appreciated.  If I succeed in this, I will happily grant you your 1000 points.
ceracAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info.
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