Why is libc the reason to pick one program or another to download?

I have Redhat 5.2 and libc5. What function does libc perform?
What dependancies does it have? such as with gcc compiler, or the kernal etc.
If I upgrade my libc, does my kernal and compiler have to get upgraded too?
What programs will use libc and not function when I upgrade?
should I just shut up and send RedHat some more money and buy new disks?
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didierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
lib c is the standard c library which contains a bunch
of commonly used functions like input/output or string
processing amongst other things.

Programs are usually compiled to dynamically link to a
version of libc and this is why you should download/use
programs that are compiled for the version installed on
your machine.

We are currently in a transition period between two versions of libc and eventually things should settle down and all
programs will end up compiled for the new version.

To answer your other questions, the kernel is lower than
libc and does not depend on it. Only applications will
depend on having access to the right version of libc.

Most of the time the filename of the archive for the program you are downloading will indicate which version of libc is required.

edbeck2Author Commented:
any HOW-TO or books, etc?
At this time you shouldn't be afraid of upgrading to a glibc installation. Most programs today are glibc based and you may get out of the game if you don't have glibc on your system.
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