I want to decode the keyb. I tryes to to find the key pressed, with KeyEvent and it worked !
But how can I find out when multiples keyes are used. eg. Enter & Spacebare is pressed at the same time ??
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Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerCommented:
well, you will get KEY_PRESSED and KEY_RELEASED events for each key. If you get KEY_PRESSED events for both keys before getting any KEY_RELEASED events for either, then you'll know they are both down at the same time. You'll have to keep track of which keys you get these pressed and released events for...
Every time a key is pressed you will get a KEY_PRESSED event.  This event will be repeated every few hundred ms while the key is held down.

When the key is released you get a KEY_RELEASED event.

You need to keep track of the state of each key you are interested in to be able to detect multi-key presses.

Actually, you can be clever and detect the difference betweeen CTRL-ALT-DEL and ALT-CTRL-DEL.  This can be good for easter eggs and back doors etc.


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win32Author Commented:
Hmm year I found out just after i posted this message. But hey you will get the points anyway !! :-)
Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerCommented:
Hey!! I wrote that answer first!!
Why did DrBeaker get the points??
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