How to get picture(frame) size and position

 I want to draw rectangle in some picture control as frame

So, I changed the picture ID, and set member variable as
(CStatic type)control m_graphframe at the classwizard.

after that, added code like this,


But, CRect type graphrect variable has only a size information.
(left-top pisition is 0,0). How can I get position information of
my static control?
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artproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please use GetWindowPlacement function

worker018Author Commented:

 I tested GetWindowPlacement function, but I thought
GetWindowRect fuction was better than that.

(As you know) GetWindowRect function returns CRect
variable as application coorinate, Application coordi-
nate include title bar offset, so I have to adjust returnd
value by the height of title bar.

anyway, Thanks for your answer.
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