NEC monitor focus

I have a Nec XV17+ monitor that appears out of focus. Is there a focus control and can I do it?
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I'm fairly sure that the only focus control you have is on the fly-back transformer.

Power off the monitor and open the case you should see a thick wire (probably red) going from an insulator cap to a gizmo on the main board.

There whuld be two trim pot adjustments on this gizmo (fly-back) - one of which should be labelled focus.

The easy way to adjust this focus is using a mirror, so you can stand behind the monitor and still see the screen.

BE CAREFUL monitors have high voltages inside them and you will be adjusting things with the monitor turned on - so watch for anything that can touch the internals of the screen while you have the top off it.

I use plastic screwdrivers (available form Tandy stores and other electronics suppliers) as a safety precaution.

Once you've had a belt out of a monitor you develop a respect for the things.

If you don't want to do it yourself youo can probaly take the unit to a tv repair guy (you may need your pc to give him an image).

Good Luck

Agree with BigMark.It's the good answer.
With the second trim you can adjust brightness.
I'll disagree with the earlier comment.  I doubt it's the HV focus control and this almost never gets out of adjustment.  On a color CRT, the most common cause of a "focus" problem is actually a convergence problem.  Here, the R, G, and B beams are slightly out of alignment and don't hit their correct color on the face of the display.  This gives the image a fuzzy or blurry appearance.

Convergence is fairly easy to adjust but, as mentioned before, can be hazardous to your health!!!  

The convergence is adjusted with 3 metal rings that are located on the thin neck of the CRT.  Usually these have some glue on them or a setscrew.  Always mark the original position before changing anything so that you can get back to the beginning position if you mess up.  With an image displayed on the screen that shows the problem (I've found that DOS mode text is good), slowly move them one at a time until improvement is noted.  They interact with others somewhat so you may need to play around with it for a while.

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leeuwinAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I think I will take to a repair shop
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