Printing ASC characters

I am trying to print some asc characters (box drawing shapes - codes 179 thru 223). If I use open "lpt1:" for output and print#1, (asciicode), I get the desired characters. I want to use the printer.print statement though. When I do this, I get a different set of characters for codes 128 thru 255. How can I use the printer.print statement to do this? I do not understand what is going on with the caharacter sets.  
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You simply do NOT draw this way in VB. This was a tried and true technique in QBASIC and DOS, but simply is NOT going to work in VB.

You can draw a box with:

Printer.Scale (0,0)-(8,10.5) '8-1/2x11 w 1/4" margins all round
Printer.Line (0,0)-(1,1), vbBlack, B

You set the .Scale property of your printer to the size of your page less a little bit for margin and then you can treat the printer like a plotter.

Position with .CurrentX/Y and use Printer.Print to put text down at that exact point (The text always prints down an to the right from the point specified).

For instance I can make graph paper with 1/4" grid with:

Printer.Scale (0,0)-(8,10.5) '8-1/2x11 w 1/4" margins all round

For X = 0 to 8 step .25
  Printer.Line (X, 0)-(X, 10.5) 'Draw verticals
Next X
For Y = 0 to 10.5 step .25
  Printer.Line (0, Y)-(8, Y) 'Draw horizontals
Next Y

Do not bother with "box drawing" characters. They won't lay out right with proportional fonts anyway.

dmoore2Author Commented:
Can the box be drawn first with with the text plotting code following?
You can do it in any order you want. You can move up the page as well as down. Normally I print the outlines of the form and then come back in and overlay the data, but that's just me. You can print in any order you want.


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