"RocketTalk": has anyone used this software before?

Hi! everybody!

RE:  RocketTalk 1.4.2

I am trying to use the Voice-message communicator, called "RocketTalk" on the Net, but encountered the MUTE trouble.  
I am looking for anyone who successfully is using it.  Or I am looking for RocketTalk user-community in USENET or somewhere.   Is anybody there using RocketTalk?  
Have anybody encountered the MUTE problem?  

Mitsuru Kido
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FredcanflyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What do you mean by the MUTE trouble?  What does it do (or say)?  I don't have it on my computer, but I have used it a lot and am familiar with the software.
If you're referring to the MUTE problem associated with feedback, that is discussed at the following address. You should be looking at the on-line help area of http://www.rockettalk.com/ which is found at:


RocketTalk is quite new, so I don't think there are any communities and discussion forums that have formed as of yet. This may change or I may be wrong. www.dejanews.com has a rockettalk forum but it is empty and inactive.


mkidoAuthor Commented:
Thank you s_franklin,
I read most of trouble shooting documents at
I would like to post one more time.  
mkidoAuthor Commented:
Thank you everybody, I got a bypass way to do the same thing.  
It works fine mostly.  
mkidoAuthor Commented:
I added a comment already.

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