HP 890C Deskjet won't accept 90gm paper

I've had this printer for about 15 months and it's worked without a single problem until about a month ago, when for some reason it won't accept the 90gm paper I feed it

Put an 80gm piece on the loading tray - no problem but not the thicker stuff.

Previously it was accepting the 90gm paper but now has stopped.

I've tried going through the roller cleaning routine as suggested by the manual but to no avail.

Any ideas?
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The printer may not be able to feed that thickness of paper what is the actual weight in lbs on the paper it should say on the package i would not use above 50lb paper it will damage the feed system.

You can try taking a scotch brite pad to the feed rollers to rough them up slightly how the feed button on the printer to get the rollers to turn and then press the pad against the rollers but do let it feed through the machine you can also take either windex or rubbing alcohol to the rollers to clean them off you may want to wipe the rollers off with water after putting windex or rubbing alcohol so it does not dry out the rollers.

Other then that the printer may need service or you may need to change the pape.... the paper you are using should nto say it is for use on anything else other then copiers or inkjets
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