a simple web server/CGI setup for win95?

I want to start learning programming and web server setup. I have a win95 machine and would like to know if anyone can recomend a particular software setup for my machine?

I want to start learning all this stuff using my local machine as a simple web server, write some scripts and web pages that I will access locally for testing.

I'm looking for recomendations (and for/against comments) for freeware (or demos that won't runout after 30 days) in the following:

- web server
- CGI languages (PERL, C++, Java?)
- database

The idea is for me to have a functional (but perhaps limited) system up and running so I can program and fiddle away to my hearts content in order to learn all about this stuff.
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You can get Personal Web Server (PSW) which exists in Win98 CD-ROM in directory: \add-ons\psw
it is very easy to install and run, after you install the application double click in Publish button which will be existed in desktop then select advanced, after that you can add any directory in wich your scripts and CGI applications will be located, make sure that you select (Execute) access for this directory. That is about Web server.

As you have said you can use Java, Perl, or Delphi as I'm using now to build CGI executables that run in server side.

totsuboAuthor Commented:
I don't have a win98 CD-rom. Can I download this from the web somewhere?

What about the programming language. Is there some type of IDE or tool I could use (Delphi is out sine I would need to *buy* something).

Is it easy to get the PSW to run on my machine and the access it from a web browser on the same machine?

try to find these Web servers programms in the internet, may be in www.download.com:


What programming laungauges did you use ?

PSW can be tested from your local machine for example you can write this address in your browser:


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totsuboAuthor Commented:
Thanks Motaz, but ... what are the programs you mention? Web servers I guess? Will they all work in a Win95 environment? Do you recommned one overthe other?

I use PWS that comes with Win98 CD-ROM it is very easy and it works propeply. Other applications may be existed in www.download.com

KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
PWS can also be found on the win95B CD.
Xitami is also a good one. But for the most power, and the most used web server in the world, try apache. http://www.apache.org/httpd.html
apache is kinda complex though.... for a newbie i'd probably stick to pws or xitami.... with apache u seem to have to mess around in all those config files
You don't have to "mess around with all those config files" because Apache now provides an HTML form which allows you to change the configuration easily (and restore it if you make a mistake). Not that one needs to change the config at all.
   I downloaded Apache 1.3.6 for Windows and got it installed as a service on W2K in 15mins.
   There are two different philosophies around. The pure old fashioned out of process server, exemplified by Apache, and the all in one process multi-threading all purpose engine of IIS from Microsoft. Currently half the world uses Apache, but Microsoft has a very good chance of changing this with their very powerful COM concept and Visual Basic for Applications scripting. In my opinion it's either Apache or Microsoft, so that what you learn is for the future.
   For scripting the Microsoft philsophy basically wants you to use VBA and nothing else (butz doesn't exclude Perl of course). For Apache I'd use Perl. Writing C code for CGIs is a pain. Corporate America is however probably going MS.
   Database is always a bit weak. MS now offers a personal SQL (limited to a Gigabyte of less database), so the integration with Web and other tools is easy for you to try out.
   I hope that clarifies the issues a bit.

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totsuboAuthor Commented:
I've downloaded Apache and will start playing around with it and see if I can get what I want done with it ^-^ (Which is practice installing, running, maintaining, tuning a web server).

Thanks to all!
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