TCP/IP Error

My new laptop has Windows 98.  When I try to open a database on one of my mail servers I get the following error message "No TCP/IP support installed on this system".  However, I can ping the mail server.  What is going on?
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Some things to check,

1.  Check the properties tab under network neighbourhood to verify the IP settings for TCPIP protocol.

2. Check the hosts.sam file (open in notepad and add and entry at the end to hold the ip address and the server name)

3. Openup notes and check for the File-tools-user preferences and Ports option to enable the TCPIP option.

3a. Try connecting the server from this ports option by giving either the ip address or the server name in theTRACE COnnection option.

4. Check wether the domino server is up and running (pretty simple)

Hope these options will sort out your problems and rectify it.

Good Luck !


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Since you can ping the Domino Server, the problem lies elsewhere. Check if the Notes port is OK. Notes connects on Port 1352 of the TCP/IP stack and it might be that some other service is using this port number !

Try to disable the TCP port in Notes, and then enable it again. Also select the TCP port in Notes, then click on Show Status button - you should see "TCP/IP Port Driver  Transport Provider: TCP"  in the box. If not, then your Notes client is not able to see the TCP/IP on windows. Reinstall notes in this case. However the error message do look strange.

How is the TCP/IP & Notes connection between other PCs and this server, and this server with other servers ?
Hi !

Did you  check the options given by me?

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