how can I network WIN2k PC and Mac OS 9

how can I network WIN2k PC and Mac OS 9
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure you will need some extra things to make it easy though.

1) You could set up an FTP server on the PC or Mac and simply ftp from one to the other.

2) get Dave for mac which will let the mac see windows shared volumes.

3) Get PCMacLan for PC which will let windows see mac shared volumes.

All of these pieces of software are available from . I have also heard there is a way to get win2k to see mac shared volumes and vise versa without extra software but since win2k is unreleased i dont know how definite that is. Also check the mac network forums archives. I can honestly say ive answered this Q about 6 times so theres lots of good information back there.
Use windows NT!
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