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i am writing java applet, when i compile my java file, i get a class file for it, but there occur a "$" symbol in my java class file, meaning that i can't view my java class file when i put it into the html file, how i can solve it, please tell me how to do.
In my java applet, i use the AWT  creating my java applet, and i use the jdk 1.2.2, therefore there have a warning about overrides a deprecated API. How i can solve? Please tell me the solution.
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g_senthilkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  As previously all the guys said,$ class files are your innerclass files.
   public class Exam
     class Sample
After the compilation you will get Exam.class and Exam$Sample.class.
   And even if u use like this
  addActionListener(new ActionHandler())
  This will also creat $ class files.
You can jar all the .class files into a single jar file,
and  in applet tag
  <applet code=MainApplet.class ..
  You specify the main applet class file in code, and in the archive property specify that xx.jar file.

Hi jeannieyeap,

 $class, will appears automatically, if you have inner class in your main class.

just put codebase="/classes" in your html

depreceated means, there was a new API equivalent, for compability reason, You still can use that API

 hope this helps

you should still have a class file called by the proprer name still, the classes with $s in are inner classes as setiawan says. just upload them all, and refer to the main class file as normal.

the other classes are called on by the main file anyway.

jeannieyeapAuthor Commented:
Dear setiawan and BillyAbbott,
After i finish my java applet, i will upload it on a webpage, so is this symbol "$" in my inner classes ,will give me any trouble to do that?
hi jean!

You need to refer to the main outer class only. Otherwise you can jar all the related files into some xx.jar and refer this jar file in your html code. It will work.
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