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Hi neld.

here is the description from MSDN about DateTime_SetFormat, which is an official function call to modify a certain behaviour like the color or what else:


Sets the display of a date and time picker (DTP) control based on a given format string. You can use this macro or send the DTM_SETFORMAT message explicitly.

void DateTime_SetFormat(
    HWND hwndDT,
    LPCTSTR lpszFormat);

Handle to a DTP control.
Address of a zero-terminated format string that defines the desired display. Setting this parameter to NULL will reset the control to the default format string for the current style.
Return Values
Returns nonzero if successful, or zero otherwise.


It is acceptable to include extra characters within the format string to produce a more rich display. However, any nonformat characters must be enclosed within single quotes. For example, the format string "'Today is: 'hh':'m':'s ddddMMMdd', 'yyy" would produce output like "Today is: 04:22:31 Tuesday Mar 23, 1996".

Note A DTP control tracks locale changes when it is using the default format string. If you set a custom format string, it will not be updated in response to locale changes.

  Version 4.70 and later of comctl32.dll

  Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 (or Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 3.0 and later)...
  Windows 95/98: Requires Windows 98 (or Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 3.0 or later)..
  Windows CE: Requires version 2.0 or later.
  Header: Declared in commctrl.h.

Description of format strings:

A DTP format string consists of a series of elements that represent a particular piece of information and define its display format. The elements will be displayed in the order they appear in the format string.

Date and time format elements will be replaced by the actual date and time. They are defined by the following groups of characters:

Element Description  
"d"  The one- or two-digit day.
"dd"  The two-digit day. Single-digit day values are preceded by a zero.
"ddd"  The three-character weekday abbreviation.
"dddd"  The full weekday name.
"h"  The one- or two-digit hour in 12-hour format.
"hh"  The two-digit hour in 12-hour format. Single-digit values are preceded by a zero.
"H"  The one- or two-digit hour in 24-hour format.
"HH"  The two-digit hour in 24-hour format. Single-digit values are preceded by a zero.
"m"  The one- or two-digit minute.
"mm"  The two-digit minute. Single-digit values are preceded by a zero.
"M"  The one- or two-digit month number.
"MM"  The two-digit month number. Single-digit values are preceded by a zero.
"MMM"  The three-character month abbreviation.
"MMMM"  The full month name.
"t"  The one-letter AM/PM abbreviation (that is, AM is displayed as "A").
"tt"  The two-letter AM/PM abbreviation (that is, AM is displayed as "AM").
"yy"  The last two digits of the year (that is, 1996 would be displayed as "96").
"yyyy"  The full year (that is, 1996 would be displayed as "1996").

To make the information more readable, you can add body text to the format string by enclosing it in single quotes. Spaces and punctuation marks do not need to be quoted.

Note Nonformat characters that are not delimited by single quotes will result in unpredictable display by the DTP control.

For example, to display the current date with the format "'Today is: 04:22:31 Tuesday Mar 23, 1996", the format string is "'Today is: 'hh':'m':'s dddd MMM dd', 'yyyy". To include a single quote in your body text, use two consecutive single quotes. For example, "'Don''t forget' MMM dd',' yyyy" produces output that looks like: Don't forget Mar 23, 1996. It is not necessary to use quotes with the comma, so "'Don''t forget' MMM dd, yyyy" is also valid, and produces the same output.

Ciao, Mike

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