Telnet to Unix

Im having problems connecting to a unix server on our Lan. Im using telnet from a Windows 98 workstation.
(Problem only on this w/s)

It give the following error:

Error creating socket (102220)

Any Ideas ?
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I think this is a Win98 problem and no Unix-Problem!!

Does the win98 machine connect fine otherwise?

Have you tried "Ping"

(from dos prompt:

ping <ip address>


This is windows problem, of course.
Check if TCP/IP protocol stack is installed on your computer (Settings->Control Panel->Network). I bet it is not. If it is installed, reinstall it.
Check if anyone else can telnet to the server - if not - it's a UNIX problem - suggested resolution check the inetd.conf file in /etc/ & check it contains a line starting with telnet (with no comments at the beginning of the file).

If not - and I suspect it won't be - do as above and first check you can ping the server (I think you'll be able to).  

Then remove & re-install TCP/IP (make a note of your TCP/IP settings first) in windows (Start -> Control Panel -> Networks -> TCP/IP).

Reboot your Windows box & away you go.

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leonhorseAuthor Commented:
I can ping the server ,Tcp/Ip is installed (I tried to reinstall it several times)

Other users can telnet to the server, so this is a Win98 error.
(Your rigt about the not unix problem part)

Ill direct this question to the Win98/network section.

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