Urgent!!!!! any one has nice bitmap background?


 i would like to set a nice bitmap background, since my project is some eye disease analysis, so i think the background better not to be very noisy. also since i use the stretch mode, it will be stretched to fit the window , so do u have any big .bmp file? or after stretching it, it is nice? pls help! i need it urgetnly by monday!

 also is anyone knows how to set .gif or .jpg file as background for a CFormView?
 or do u know how to convert a gif or .jpg file to .bmp file using what s/w???

 thanks a million million.....!
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akalmaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi greenbird !!
 Check this site for lading of GIFS/BMP/Images where a free code is available
about converting gif or jpg file to bmp file, you can use adobe photoshop version 5.0.  If you dont have adobe photoshop, you can send the jpg or gif file at namrataasher@yahoo.com. i will convert it in bmp and send it to u. Hope this helps. All the best
Hi greenbird,

May be you can make your own bitmap by using a flatbad scanner. You can make it as big as you like.

greenbirdAuthor Commented:
Hi, namrate,

i had developed a method to set a .gif or .jpg file as the background. :) (coz in the web a lot of .gif or .jpg background)
Thanks anyway for ur kindness!
and thanks for all the help u pple had given to me!

have a nice day!
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