Exporting from Outlook Express

I changed my email from Eudora to Outlook Express several months ago.  No problem importing mail from Eudora to Outlook at all but what if I want to change to something else again?  The export messages function in Outlook Express only allows me to export to Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook and it gives an error too.  Perhaps I need to re-install.  Does anybody know how you can export to more programs or even just text files?
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cyber_bulldogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try exporting them to Access as OLE objekt, I think, this may work...

good luck
Did you know you can select messages and drag them into a folder on Windows Explorer?
hronnAuthor Commented:
Thanx, I knew that but it's still gonna be in MS Outlook garbled format.  
hronnAuthor Commented:
Nice, that'll do.  I can get them out of Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook and then export them to Access, text file or whatever :)  

Thanx :)
you are welcome
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