Linux Share and Windows 98

I have a linux server running Samba on a windows NT network.  I have a Win 98 Workstation that I would like to use to access shares from the Linux server.  I cannot get access to the share.  I am successful in accessing the share via WINNT workstation.  I have done the encrypted password thing so I know that is not the problem.

I can open up network neighborhood on my 98 workstation and see the machine. I can ping by netbios name and IP address.  WINS, DSN and DHCP are all being used and seem to be correct.  However when I try to get access to resources on the Linux machine, the error message is that the resource is not available or the computer name is incorrect.  I don't know what else to try.  Please advise.

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john2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I just went through this, but I tried so many things that I am not sure which did it.  Here are some ideas:

Make sure you are only running TCP/IP.  It you have any other protocols in there, remove them.

Make sure you log onto the correct workgroup or domain.

Check /var/log/smb???  (cant remember the EXACT log file)
for any error entries.  For instance, I found an error with my Win98 machine name (Amd400) trying to log on as my user name instead of Guest.

Make sure you have a Guest account in your passwd file which matches the guest name in smb.conf.

I am at work now and cannot look up more specific info on this, let me know if this does not help and I can check it out tonight.

dhaslamAuthor Commented:
Found the answer.  It turns out to be a Samba problem.  After downloading the latest version of Samba, problem was solved.  
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