okay people i need the best value cache to plug into my motherboard...i have a 300mhz processor...what would the appropriate amount of cache be that i would need...and where would i find it...i cant find cache prices anywhere
help me out here...
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wkernsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use the specs for your motherboard .   Go to the PC vendor site and try and download the motherboard book and print it.  It will tell you the max cache to add and the jumpers that need to be set.   Or read the motherboard number or model right off the board, and then try      OR ??

If you have a slot for external cache on the motherboard,  the manual will show it.   Then just seach the Internet for cache memory sellers.
Type of motherboard ?
Type of processor ?

Cache ?

Disk cache
Memory cache ( static ram) ? -> L2 (Pentium - AMD K6/K6-2   or L3 cache - Pentium II or III AMD Atlhon ).

Memory cache :
Size : 256ko / 512ko / 1024Ko / 2048K
More cache, better performance. 1Mo (1024ko) is a good value.
Now cache is constitued by chips solded on the motherboard.
With recent motherboard you can't add "cache".

Disk cache :
Add more RAM ( simms or dimms / EDO or DRAM ). win 9X use a part of physical memory to cache disk.
Better results :
----> end of my previous comment :
Control panel / ssytem / Performance
-> File system : chose Network server
neo_00_mtxAuthor Commented:
i have given u the points ...its memory cache to on the motherboard(L2 external cache)...i have no manual......i cant find any sites that r selling memory cache....can u give me some sites....?
i have added 30 extra points for this.
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