How to resurrect hidden TCP in System 7.6.1?

System 7.6.1 has a bug that makes MacTCP inaccessible when dialup is activated, and invisible in the control panel folder, yet irreplaceable because it claims it has a MacTCP control panel already and won't accept another one.  What's the way around this?  How can this bug be avoided when installing and configuring the system?
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TheHubConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a utility called "Network Software Selector" that is usually installed in the Apple Extras folder. It gives you the choice of using OpenTransport or Classic Networking.

OpenTransport uses TCP/IP and Classic uses MacTCP. When you select one or the other, the files you need become visible and the ones you do not need become invisible. OpenTransport and Classic Networking do the same things only a little differently. OT is better than Classic. I would bite the bullit and figure out how to use it (I actually did this a few years ago when OT was less than perfect...but I am glad i did now).

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rossignolAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Disabling dialup would seem to be logical. You could also switch over to OpenTransport which is a better (newer) system for networks anyway.
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