Compiler differences 98/NT?


My problem:

I've an application. When I compile it with NT, I have a 'Read of Address 0' while closing (running on 98). When I compile the app under 98, there's no Access Violation while closing (running on 98).

BOTH systems have the same source-files, the same delphi and the same project settings.

Is there anyone who knows something about this? I know myself, that 98 addresses pointers directly and I think that the error isn't a free of an unassigned pointer.

Huh... any ideas?
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brunoheAuthor Commented:
I forgot: I couldn't include TD32 information because TD32 isn't able to handle files like this with 8Mb including TD information.
Well, I don't understand why a program that was compiled under winNT should behave differently, but if you say that I'll believe it...   :-)

But anyway it's most probably a bug in your program. So I would recommend trying to find the code line where the exception occured.

If you get an access violation, you get TWO addresses, something like "access violation at 406C04 reading from FFFFFFFF". Now to find the code line start Delphi, set a breakpoint to the first line of your project, then use the function "find runtime error" from the menu and give in "$406C04" (don't forget the "$"). Now Delphi should show you the exception line.

Regards, Madshi.

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I made a Word Add In in Delphi. I works thru COM. Compiled under Win 98 it ran dead slow on NT. Compiled under NT it was as fast as under Windows 98.

Just to show there are more problems regarding 98/NT
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brunoheAuthor Commented:
folks, i don't have time to check your comments at the moment. i'm back on 2/2/00, because I've to go to military next week. Argl... sucks.

Anyway, we'll see us on 2/2.

brunoheAuthor Commented:
The Idea is not bad, but don't solved my problem. Anyway, you'll get the points.
Hmmm... Perhaps we can find the problem together? Did you find the source code line, which raised the exception?
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