Canon BJC4200 error (beep codes)

Can anyone give me a list of the beep codes for the above printer and their meanings? Especially 8 beeps when starting up
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StormRiderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry didnt see my first answer come up so typed it again.
Error for 8 beeps on the bjc4200
is Head temperature error that is with the lights going Green<-->Orange.

light  beep   error
GR-Org 1 = rom error
gr-org 2 = ram error
gr-org 3 = bj cartridge error
gr-org 4 = home pos
gr-org 5 = waste ink full
gr-org 6 = temp sensor
gr-org 7 = print pos correction error

gr-org 9 = head temp sensor error
gr-org 10 = cleaning error

org 1 = paper pickup error
org 2 = paper jam

Lights  Beeps Error
org     1     paper pickup error
org     2     paper jam
grn-org 1     rom error
grn-org 2     ram error
grn-org 3     bj catridge displaced err
grn-org 4     home positio err
grn-org 5     waste ink full
grn-org 6     temp sensor err
grn-org 7     print pos correctin err
grn-org 8     head temperature error
grn-org 9     head temp sensor err
grn-org 10    cleaning error

grn=green light
org=orange light
grn-org  green& orange light
grobinsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks to Storm Rider. Please pass points on to him, very helpful. Unlike Canon helpline, wanted to charge me to tell me the beep codes.  Very unhelpful!
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