Acer Laptop Needed Help abt Overclocking .

I got a 2nd-handed Acer Laptop (Acernote 760ic) running on 50mhz (80486).
OS: Windows 95
Base Memory:640KB
Extended Memory:7168KB
Shadow RAM:128
Internal Cache: 8kb (No External Cache)
1)Is it possible to Overclock...what method.
2)Is there anyway to add the memory without buying memory card?

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1) No.  Not without cracking the case, and having either silk scree on the board for jumper settings or having schematics from Acer.

2) No.  Windows will utilize the hard disk as virtual memory.  This is usually dynamically allocated as needed.  I don't recommend modifying these settings.  Also, I would not install a memory compression utility as they tend to do more bad than good.  

Sorry if I sound negative, but these things are just not plausible.
willsonAuthor Commented:
I suppose some pple...have overclocked successfully...
Can some one help me out with overclocking my laptop ?
Will Appreciate very Much..thank You
> what method?

The usual one -- open the case, and change the jumpers.  
Is the CPU soldered to the motherboard?

Personally, I would not try overclocking.  The risk/reward ratio makes it unappealing.

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willsonAuthor Commented:
Yes it is soldered to the main board.
What should I do.
I dun have the manual of the main Board.
any other solutions??
Look at it this way.  If you were able to overclock this laptop, by how much would the speed increase?  There are two issues here.  One: Overclocking a laptop is a bad idea.  They have heat dissipation facilities, but overclocking causes excess heat and melted or burned components.  It's not like you can install an extra case fan!  Two:  How fast do you want it to go?  I mean a 486 is like 1/2 of a Pentium at a similar frequency.  If you could overclock it, the bus speed and multiplier would likely only raise you to 66 Mhz or something.  This is NOT going to help.  If you are looking to increase the speed significantly, my advice is to go buy a new machine.  'Nuff sed.
willsonAuthor Commented:
I suppose i would like to increase from 50Mhz to 66Mhz....
So how to do it?
> any other solutions??

There's only one way to over-clock: by configuring the motherboard, either by changing jumpers (on older motherboards) or from the "setup" screen (using a "jumperless" motherboard).

Currently, your motherboard is using 25MHz, and a "multiplier" of 2.
So, you have two choices: reset your motherboard to 33Mhz (if it will accept it), and continue the multiplier, to get 66MHz (33% overclocking),
or reset the multiplier to '2.5', to get 75MHz (50% overclocking).

Either way, you probably *NOT* notice any difference, and if your CPU burns-out, you cannot "unsolder" it to replace it.
willsonAuthor Commented:
Thank You for Ur advise...
I will stick to the safety point by not overclocking.
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