Incorrect floppy type detected

I just installed Win98SE on a Packard Bell Legacy 4540 (i think) with the PB600 mother.  The protected mode driver for the floppy does not work so I disabled it (hsflop.pdr was not loading - bootlog.txt).  Now it boots up fine, BUT:

Win98 SE insists that I have a 5-1/4" floppy as A: (it's a 3.5).  

I have removed the floppy controller and let Windows add it back to no avail.  Also, I disabled the floppy controller in Setup and added it back (yes it is 3.5" in Setup).


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You say you disabled the floppy in set-up do you mean the bios?  Make sure your bios is set to a 3.5 floppy.  Boot to safe mode remove any and all entries in the device manager for disk drives and floppy disk controllers. BTW you may have duplicate entries remove them as well.  Re-boot and let windows redetect the drive controller and floppy. - Good Luck!
jsextonAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the fast response - yes I did mean BIOS Setup and yes I did remove all floppy drives/controllers (not for hard disk though) in Safe Mode.

PS.  Before I figured out how to make Win98 use real mode drivers for the floppy (now I have the FDD controller "disabled in this profile" as per Microsoft's support site), I renamed c:\windows\system\iosubsys\hsflop.pdr (the protected-mode floppy driver) and tried rebooting.  That gave me an error (can't remember which) so I named it back.  Thought I'd mention that in case it screwed something up and caused Windows to stop checking the floppy type or something.

JS, just some questions:

1. Are you able to access that drive when in real mode?

2. When you return 98 to its original configuration, what error comes up in device manager either for the FD controller or the drive itself?

3. Was any error noted in the bootlog text?

4. Did you try extracting a new hsflop.pdr from the cd on the chance it is corrupt?

5. Could the drive or ribbon cable be bad or the cable loose?


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jsextonAuthor Commented:
once again DEW's the man!

The darn floppy cable was bad - consequently it even works in protected mode again.  It made me wonder when I realized it didn't even work in real mode.  Sometimes it takes a step back to realize what an idiot you are ;-)

Thanks Dennis!

Naah, you're no idiot Jon. We all do that from time to time regardless of experience. It reminds me of something regarding motorocycles. There's two types of riders, those that have put a bike down and those that will. Same thing applies here! Glad it's running!
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