SDK1.2.2 debugger problems


I'm using SDK 1.2.2. on Windows NT 4.0 and I'm having some problems with the debugger.  I'm running an applet and the problem is that whenever I try to step into a method from from another class, the debugger tells me that it is unable to find  Is this something that has to do with the Classpath???  I read somewhere that with 1.2.2 you don't need to set the CLASSPATH variable.  But why else would it not be able to find ClassLoader.jave?
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Since ClassLoader is part of the JDK/JRE, the source code for it is not available (by default). You can install the Java sources and tell the debugger where to find them, or you can just ignore these messages and resume source-level debugging once you have stepped back into one of your own classes.

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tblackweAuthor Commented:
I still don't understand how to step into another class if I don't install the "Java Sources"
Hmmmm. Perhaps I misunderstood your question.

The debugger should continue to let you step through the code, it just cannot show you source code for classes for which the sources are not present. Also, depending on how these "system" classes were compiled, you will probably not be able to inspect local variables and so forth.

Is the debugger not actually letting you continue debugging at this point?

Please reject my answer, add a little more info. about the symptoms of the problem, and let's start over (grin).
tblackweAuthor Commented:
The problem is that I'm trying to step into a method of another class( a class whic is in the same java file) and the debugger keeps telling me that it cannot find the source for the class because it couldn't find  I figured that was because it didn't know where to look for it.   I automatically assumed that it was an issue with the CLASSPATH environment variable.
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