String Tokenizer

what i want to do is to transfer  contents of file
which is in the formate
also i have to do some validations on individual tokens
like if toiken is ip address as shown
then get name of server append it to buffer
that's ok

so what i am doing is using a stream tokenizer
but the problem is when
i say
      name = tokenizer.nextToken()
      //validations like this
what happens is for the first line  there is no ip address
hense while loop can't get terminated it gives exception
as no such element exists
what i need is that  loop shuld be terminated if there r no tokens
can any one help me
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Since the format of each line is variable, you need to model this as a state machine, e.g.

int state = 1;
while (tokenizer.hasMoreTokens())
      case 1:
         // we are expecting an "aaa"
         // type token.
         // if we get it, process it
         // and set state to 2...
         // if we don't get it,
         // set state equal to
         // something else...
      case 2:
         // etc.
      // etc

When doing something like this, you need to map out your process using a state diagram. (BTW, there are better/cleaner ways to build a state machine, but the above is clear and easy to understand...)
amitdAuthor Commented:
this doesn'twork
seems that
the problem lies with the .nextToken()
so why don't u retrieve tokens in the
  Vector V = token.NextToken()

then use it for validations

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amitdAuthor Commented:
thanx it works
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