problems opening photos through Photo Editor.

although I have several other photo programs available the one I want to us is Microsoft Photo Editor,due to is use of the full screen for display. I can only open images by opening Photo Editor then using the File/Open menu.  If I try to open images from Windows Explorer, My Computer, or any other area, the image will come up in the preview window just fine but I get

"Cannot find the file C:\"whatever" (or one of its components.  Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available."

While everthing seems to be intact the images were saved as Corel House Images and the file types changed to open with Photo Editor. I know several other people haveing similar problems,all running Windows 98. Very frustrated, help please.
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If you are saying that you want to be able to double click the image and it automatically open with MPE do this
1)Left click the image
2)Hold down the shift key and while still holding it down, right click the image.
3)Click the option Open With
4)In the box that comes up scroll down the list to MPE and click it
5)There is a box in that window that says Always Use This Program etc. If you check that box it will use MPE until you do this procedure again.
6)If you want to test it don't check the box, close the window and double click the image
7)It should open with MPE. It will only work one time with one file. Go back and do it again and check the always box
 Does that help or did I misread the problem

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IFD31Author Commented:
Thank you Mrbreeze you hit the question right on the head, everything works perfectly now.
Glad to help IFD, thought that was what you were asking for. Let us know if we can help you again.
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