SQL Syntax for Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere V.

Is there any SQL syntax that I can use via Interactive SQL for a Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere V. database to query tables and recieve a description of it's columns, primary and foreign keys, and maybe even the size and data types of it's columns?  Something equivalent to the describe statement for Oracle and DB2?
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amitpagarwalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

sp_helpconstraint tablename
will give the list of all keys and references made by the table

sp_columns tablename would list all the information about the columns of the table

sp_help tablename would give all the information present about that table

Look for the tables sys.syscolumns and sys.systable and other tables owned by 'SYS' user (they are not displayed in Sybase Central by default - r-click on database, 'filter objects')
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