uploading site with frontpage 98

please tell me what to do stepwise for uploading my site with frontpage 98
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NickRackhamConnect With a Mentor Commented:

On the FrontPage Explorer’s File menu, choose Publish FrontPage Web or click the Publish button on the FrontPage Explorer’s toolbar:

In the Publish FrontPage Web dialog box, specify the location to which you want to publish the current FrontPage web. You can choose from the drop-down list or enter a new location by typing directly into this field. To publish to a folder on your local file system, type in the full path and name of the folder. If you specify a folder that does not exist, FrontPage will offer to create it.
If you are publishing the root web, select the Include Child Webs option to publish the other FrontPage webs on the same Web server or, if the root web is in a folder, to publish the other FrontPage webs in the same folder.

Click OK.

Note   If FrontPage detects that you are publishing to a Web server that does not have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed, it will launch the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard to publish your FrontPage web.


usmanbuxiAuthor Commented:
i have uploaded before but now i have forgotten what to fill in the columns required.
go to http://w3.sba.oakland.edu/ there are some instructions there.  between your pc and front page, just copy and paste.
the other method will also work, this is what I prefer.
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