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I am going to get a dsl internet connection. The company I an ordering the service fron,, requires that I buy a Network Interface Card (NIC Card). They say the type and brand of card doesn't matter as long
as it supports an RJ45 interface. What card should I get, and where can I get it. (Preferably on the internet) By the way, the service I will sign up for is 144kbps.
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ALmost all modern network cards have an RJ45 interface.  It looks like a phone jack, but a little bit wider.  Everyone has their own favorite brank of network cards.  Make sure to get a PCI (not ISA) network card that supports 10/100 Mbps transfer rates.  Most cards sold nowadays are of this type.  They cost in the range of $20 - $60.  My favorite is 3Com, but everyone has their own favorite brand to recommend.  If you are running NT, Linux or a non-Windows operating system, make sure the card has drivers for your operating system.
If this is for home, you can get by very cheaply.  You don't need PCI (but it wouldn't be bad) and you don't need fast ethernet.  Any stock 10Base-T card will do.  Look here:

Look for those which say UTP.

Hope this helps,

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