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My issue with Outlook 98 is that I cannot figure out how to
find/filter/identify records (e-mail, contacts, etc.) based on more than one
assigned category.

For example, Let's say I want to review all e-mail that are assigned the
category "Y2K" and "ProjectMgmt."

1.      I go into the Advanced Find dialog
2.      I select the "More Choices" tab.
3.      I press the "categories" button and select the "Y2K" and
"ProjectMgmt" categories from the list.
4.      I select the folder that I want the search to be conducted in.
5.      I click the "Find Now" button.

Result: Outlook returns all e-mail that contains either category. Some
e-mail will contain the "Y2K" category, but not the "ProjectMgmt" category
and vice versa.

On another note, when I select two (or more) categories that are assigned to
a large number of records, Outlook returns records that have don't match any
of the category criteria.

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pyleoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you have selected the catergories and it says in the "Y2K, ProjectMgmt" in the categories search field replace the comma with "and" and then do find now.
And it will only display those in both categories.
Alternatively create a new category, just for searching purposes, called "Y2K and ProjectMgmt" and use this when you need to.

Hope this helps?!
kind4meAuthor Commented:
I will be unable to test this till monday, I will award or reject then, thank you for your answer
kind4meAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help
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