Powerquest Boot Magic install error

When installing boot magic i get an error saying that the FAT32 partition is not below cylinder 1024.  I am using a 17 gig hard drive.  Do I have to make the FAT32 partition a certain size, or is there another way around it.
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I just installed Linux and I have the same problem...The error message goes on to say; "Boot Magic is already installed to a hidden partition". I'm now looking for the answer...
Unless you are very adverse to it, you can use linux's lilo as your bootloader.  To install it instead of boot magic, boot into with a boot disk and run the command:
fdisk /mbr
The command above resets your master boot record.  This will get rid of boot magic, but you may need to re-install linux to get lilo to run correctly.  If you are given the option, choose to install lilo into your master boot record.
Specifically, the problem is caused because boot magic thinks that the partition doesn't exist on the drive because it exists above cylinder 1024 (The 8 gig marker on you hd) and since you have a 17 gig drive, boot magic doesn't see anything above 8 gigs.
Hope this solves your problem.

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I'm thinking of uninstalling Linux and partitioning off 5GB for Linux and doing a new installation. Will it work for a dual boot OS?
Pretty good advice;mcpsupport just wrote and said just about the same thing except about "lilo";I think I'll make a partition at 6gb and reinstall Linux; I've got 48hrs to do this before mcpsupport closes my incident report; Thanks...
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