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I want to copy contacts from one user'e computer to another user's computer, how should I do it, I use outlook97 and 2000. Thank you!
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Neo_mvpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easiest way is to select File > Import and Export > Export to a file and follow the wizard prompt to export the contact folder to a new PST file.

Once that is done, just take the PST file to the other PC and select File > Import and Export > Import from another program or file > Personal Folder and follow the wizard.
If both systems are on a LAN you can open the .pst file from one system on the other.  Only one person can access the .pst file at a time unless you are using shared folders (netfolders or an Exchange system).  Once you have the contact folder open on the other system you can just copy and paste the records you want.
Export to a file
comma seperated windows (*.csv)
import from the other outlook
it is neater because you can chose to export ONLY contacts

Hope this helps

as always
Mr Happy
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